Gold 2015 / Advertising / Music (Non-Pro)

Woodstock Love

  • Prizes
    Gold in Advertising/Music
  • Photographer
    Adrian Mirgos

Woodstock Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in the world which takes place in Kostrzyn over Oder, Poland. Kostrzyn lies on the border between Poland and Germany. Hundreds of thousands of people who love music and fun come here every year. Woodstock always had followers and opponents. With those pictures, I want to show skeptics that the people on the festival are doing well and that they are having a great time. I hope that by showing this series, at least some people will see that even though hundreds of thousands of people are having fun in one place you can still be sure about your safety. Originally it was supposed to be a one-time project – the photos were taken in 2010. Over the next few months I though everything and decided that it will be a several-year project. Every year I try to create a separate photo series, so that on one hand all of them can be summarized in one series, and on the other, each individual series will show something else.

Adrian Mirgos lives in a small village near Warsaw in Poland. Graduate of the European Academy of Photography and Active Art Study of Theater and Film Techniques, Adrian deals mainly with reportage-document photography in b&w. In 2013 Adrian established Vieworld - as a free online b&w photographic magazine - with over 2000 readers.