Silver 2015 / People / Portrait_P

Chedino & Family

  • Prizes
    Silver in People/Portrait
  • Photographer
    Julia Gunther

Chedino & Family is a photographic documentary series about gender reassignment in South Africa. Chedino & Family tells the very personal story of Chedino, who was born a man but has been living the life of a woman for the past 16 years in the suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. 

LGBTI rights in Africa often clash with traditional African culture in which same-sex relationships are deemed ‘un-African’ and where homophobia is rampant. This is especially the case in the suburbs of the big cities like Cape Town or Johannesburg, where intolerance often leads to violence against women like Chedino and her friends. Chedino & Family is the 5th instalment of Julia Gunther’s ongoing project: Proud Women of Africa.