Gold 2015 / Nature / Landscapes

The Veils of Eden

  • Prizes
    Gold in Nature/Landscapes
  • Photographer
    John Kosmopoulos

The waterfalls of Iceland are iconic emblems of the beauty that flows out of every part of the country. As long exposure and conventional photographs, the photographs are a fusion of physical perception and autobiographical and metaphorical insight where the how and what of taking a photograph becomes secondary to why we make the photograph the way we do to better understand our motivations as artists. It is my way of creating a parallel world of feeling that you are immersed in something that is intellectually and imaginatively beautiful and embracing the paradox that reality is both negotiable and essential to fine art photography. As an inspiration, I wanted to capture a fluidity and dynamism in this composition by creating a symmetry- asymmetry between elements and forming an equilibrium between the luminosity and shadow in the photographs to create a phenomenological presence, as if the viewer is experiencing the moment with me, and a palpable absence to the viewer to fill in their own blanks. These principles help shape my photographic vision.