Silver 2015 / Fine Art / Special Effects


  • Prizes
    Silver in Fine Art/Special Effects
  • Photographer

Born December 2, 1964 in Paris 15th, Didier Fournet worked with large groups communication, which allowed him to rub shoulders with great photographers professionals. It is from them that her taste for photography has spontaneously manifested, quickly becoming an artistic highlight for him to explore, cultivate and develop on identity and innovative methods he calls "vibration". Its colorful graphics palette and having limited only, endless, his world imagination, his works open the doors of a dream world and invite us a timeless journey contemporary starting point. Cities, places of all types, indoors or outdoors, which it vibrates structures to the borders of abstraction without ever distorting the human that gravitates there, paradoxically felt as weightless in these decors deconstructed by his "Vibrations". The end result, a photograph very "painterly" in digital format and medium graphic, tasty fruit of the meeting of creative making use of contemporary tools, a child's soul remained intact as to its desire to push relentlessly limits of experimentation ... to make vibrate the world of structures Contemporary in which we live. the "vibrations" of Didier Fournet are artistic representations , graphics , colorful and dreamlike , a changing world , since its most insignificant change to its more profound structural upheaval. Originally, a city , a landscape, a place emblematic or not, the artist reinvented hatched for a new world is emerging as a result of a work of abstraction originating from a contemporary reality never completely erased within of each image. code acess : vibrations2015