Silver 2015 / Editorial / Photo Essay

In nowhere land

  • Prizes
    Silver in Editorial/Photo Essay
  • Photographer
    Didier Mayhew

Sakina, Sandesh and their buddies live in tents on waste grounds. They are children of itinerant families who come from the Tarai plains and wander in the central valleys of Nepal, between urban and rural areas. Every day, these little nomads are left to themselves in the camp, unprotected, while their parents seek means of survival in the cities. They have no schooling and hang around aimlessly, torn between the joys and the limits of their freedom. The camp surroundings are for them a playground, a place for explorations but also for boredom. Brave and big-hearted, they are remarkably resourceful. They make games out of nothing and support each other through the good and the bad times. By nightfall, they wait eagerly for their parents, who return with relief. For three years, I have followed the path of these families in seven successive camps.