Gold 2015 / Advertising / Product

The journey of dreams.

  • Prizes
    Gold in Advertising/Product
  • Company
    10000Hertz Advertising, Taiwan
  • Photographer
    Chen Kyo

This is Taiwan VOLVO and I to cooperate for two weeks of shooting schedule in Iceland. We hope through the product of VOLVO can transfer its help for my dreaming journey, and we provide with the service without time difference in Iceland and Taiwan, I send what I saw and how I moved by photos and words to Taiwan digital creative agency. Let consumers in Taiwan can follow me through the internet to feel how beauty of Arctic Circle and from this campaign we help the brand to create an excellent performance by 200%, over the value they estimated before. We took a half year to plan and carefully study routes, finally, in September 2014 we can start off for this journey so far. In this journey, fortunately to have an infinity of fantastic visions, above all, it’s all real. I took every moment that passed by, these photos are invaluable and also make a truly impression on my dreaming journey this time!

Kyo Chen was born in Yilan, a countryside of Taiwan. He is a creative free-lancer, an illustration publishing creator, a travel writer, a video director, an artist and a photographer. He has multiple identities. He is enthusiastic of travelling. Cross more than 50 countries with spontaneous-paced, long trudge to Arctic and Antarctic, looking for the primal beauty of the earth.