1st Place 2014 / Nature

Art in Nature

  • Photographer
    David Leaser
  • Prizes
    Gold in Nature/Flowers, Bronze in Nature/Flowers, 1st place winner in Nature

The inspiration for this series began in the depths of the Amazon. I was in the Ecuadorean rainforest shooting landscapes but found myself drawn to the small flowers on the floor of the rainforest. You can see complete ecosystems in these flowers if you look closely enough. When I came back to Los Angeles, I spent months experimenting with technology until I was able to recreate these highly detailed views. I developed my technique by combing technology from NASA and Nikon. I compress dozens of layers of photos together for each image and then enlarge them enormously. The technique show details that were not possible just a few years ago – you will see details you normally would not even notice, like the tiny hairs on an orchid. I truly believe it will forever change the way you look at flowers.