Bronze 2022 / Science / Environment

W.T.F., How?...

  • Photographer
    Rico X.
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Science/Environment

Full Series Name: W.T.F., How? When That 9 Yr Old Tweeted to Stop Using Plastics, I Thought…Ah Never Mind As we spoke in the little English they spoke and the zero French or Twi I had, it became apparent that the boys were not Ghanaian, but actually migrant workers from Mali, Ivory Coast, Niger etc… who sorted the plastics which were collected and delivered from around Accra into large bundles for buyers at US$0.50 per kilo for recycling who in turn made lot more than US$0.50 per kilo.

I am not great with words. I am a visual person and a straight shooter aka talker and not a fan of descriptions or bio's things that alienate many artists like me who aren't wordsmiths. So we will keep it short and sweet. I take photos, some will like them, some will not. The End!