Bronze 2022 / Portfolio / Personal

Primitive California Dreaming Series

  • Photographer
    Jesse M Goff
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    Bronze in Portfolio/Personal

These 6 images come from an ongoing series of personal work about my dreams of California. Using the scenery of California as a genesis I have dreamt up narratives of what it could have been like in California before the Western World bombarded it with technology. It's a dream of what it could be like today if it was still primitive and pristine. These images were created for my advertising portfolio and were entirely self funded. All of the productions had a crew of 8-12 people and were multi-day location shoots. All of these images have also been selling as fine art.

Jesse Goff Owner | Photographer | Director | Instagram Newbie With Jesse, what you see is what you get. An enigma, he is not. You will always know where you stand with him. If a problem arises, he sees it as a puzzle to solve and his mind moves rapidly to decipher it. And the man can multi-task like nobody’s business. Extensive travel for both work and play has given Jesse a keen understanding of how to relate with people of varying backgrounds. His sharp instincts, make for spot-on decision making. He is intuitive to the point of almost being a wee bit scary—like ESP-ish and stuff. And the eg