Silver 2022 / Portfolio / Fine Art

Book of Shades

  • Photographer
    Liviu Pascalau
  • Prizes
    Silver in Portfolio/Fine Art

Book of shades a series of images built on the different compositions that combine geometric shapes, different techniques and characters in a personal approach. A personal approach emphasizing on the inner self and details of different characters. Focusing on detailed contrast between black and white elements or special visuals, the artworks illustrate definitive lines in the attitude of the subject allowing viewers to assimilate and relate almost immediately with each photograph.

After 10 years of work in digital art and multimedia design, from drawings and sketches to 3D modelling and animation, the art of photography has become one of my favorite passions. The digitization of visual arts has influenced a lot my perspective on photography. Thus, many of my works, with the help of modern techniques, light and beauty, come to life in some of the smallest details. The artworks disperse over multiple styles and areas of photography, from conceptual and minimalist to travel and product photography.