Bronze 2022 / People / Portrait


  • Photographer
    Tamara Arranz
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Portrait

JAMBO-MAMBO __ In Swahili, Jambo and Mambo are two words used as a colloquial greeting, of direct reply when people meet. This project is built in the form of a dual conversation through diptychs between portraits and places, as a kind of shot-reverse shot on a journey around northeast Tanzania and Zanzibar through the people who crossed my path. A country portrayed through its people.

TAMARA ARRANZ (SPAIN, 1985) __ Photographer graduated in Media and audio-visual communication degree in 2008 and graduating with an International MBA in Documentary and Photojournalism photography from EFTI (International Photography and Cinematography School), in 2009 in Madrid. Her passion for photo-reportage and the need to portray life have led Tamara to develop her work in this direction. Besides developing personal projects around social issues she works as a unit still photo in films and TV. Some productions such as “Money heist”, “ANE” or “Sky ROJO" can be highlighted.