Silver 2022 / People / Life Style

Omega 3

  • Photographer
    Rico X.
  • Prizes
    Silver in People/Life Style

So I was on a self-funded photography trip in Ghana driving to Jamestown (oldest district in Accra) for a day of shooting, when I saw a livestock auction, we spun the car around, parked up and it was game time. Time to see who was the alpha male and would give the “nod” and make it possible to have a nosey around and shoot a possible mini project. Anyway that's distracting from this series, as I nosed around, I noticed a small alleyway full of “smoke” between the livestock sheds which lead to the beach.

Rico isn't one for the gift of the gab (he will drop the occasional f-bomb). He's a visual soul, direct in speech, and frankly, not keen on penning “captions”, “statements", "descriptions", or "bios" – the very things that tend to put off many artists like him, who aren't silver-tongued wordsmiths. So we will keep it short and sweet… Rico documents. The End!