Gold 2022 / People / Life Style

Here We Go, Lights Down Low, Candles Lit, *Cue* “Unchained Melody”

  • Photographer
    Rico X.
  • Prizes
    Gold in People/Life Style

Meet Andreas, a 70 year old 5th generation potter. Cue the 11am homemade Raki, the chain smoking and discussions of how millennials like myself have it easy and don’t have the same work ethic as older generations, everything is just party, party, sex, drinks and sleep. Enter 25 year old future 6th generation potter Orfeas the lively, bubbly and charming offspring of Andreas. Now it made sense 5 hours late to work, Orfeas was who Andreas was referring to in our discussions about millennials.

Rico isn't one for the gift of the gab (he will drop the occasional f-bomb). He's a visual soul, direct in speech, and frankly, not keen on penning “captions”, “statements", "descriptions", or "bios" – the very things that tend to put off many artists like him, who aren't silver-tongued wordsmiths. So we will keep it short and sweet… Rico documents. The End!