Gold 2022 / People / Culture

Saamis, We Used to Live In The Tundra

  • Photographer
    Natalya Saprunova
  • Agency / Studio
    Zeppelin Agency
  • Prizes
    Silver in Editorial/Photo Essay, Gold in People/Culture, 2nd Place winner in People

This is a story about the modern life of Saami indigenous people in Russia through the itinerary of the little girl Uliana. Despite her colored hair and her smartphone in the pocket, an 11 years old, she shows some characteristic traits of her ethnic group: the Saami. Uliana loves fishing, tinkering, living in the open air, knitting and eating reindeer meat with her bare hands. Living in a village of Lovozero on the Kola Peninsula, the hinterland of Murmansk city, Uliana comes from a long line of reindeer herders whose traditions almost disappeared.