Bronze 2022 / Fine Art / Special Effects

Print of Mount Fuji

  • Photographer
    Hsiaohsin Chen
  • Agency / Studio
    CEO Photo Group
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Special Effects

Mount Fuji is the most representative and important symbol of Japan. Therefore, it is also a very popular shooting theme for tourists and photographers. In this series, I chose the famous Five Lakes of Mount Fuji as a model and hope to break away from general landscape photography, trying to use print style as a new visual presentation - the first each versions of Lake Yamanaka, Lake West, Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Motosu and Lake Jingjin were produced respectively. The material comes from photography but visually it is a colorful and innovative print vision.

Hsiaohsin Chen, an artist and international awarded photographer in professional category and won 258 awards as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Finalist, Nominee, Honorable Mention and Official Selection. There are including: APA, BIFA, Chromatic, EPSON, FAPA, IPA, LICC, LPA, MIFA, Monochrome, MUSE, ND, NYPA, PX3 and TIFA. He also is a traveler, writer, lecturer and business consultant. He believes all the touching and great photos must be combination of sense and sensibility.