Bronze 2022 / Fine Art / Still Life

Seeds Serie

  • Photographer
    Wesley Dombrecht
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Still Life

In this serie i wanted to work around the definition of... a''seed''... it's the main survival organ in seed plants and a necessity for the cyclus of reproduction…you can see them as small embryos enclosed in a shell covering. They are the product of the matured mother plant , and the development often starts in the fruit itself...In nature, they get dispersed by the plant itself, wind, water or animals... With the use of optical glass, I wanted to put the focus on a few of them to grab the viewer's attention.

Wesley Dombrecht(1979) is a Belgium-based photographer, currently best known for his personal photography work and art-series in the ”fine-art / still-life” genre, mostly working around food. Through a graphic approach and elaborately staged compositions, his personal work offers the viewer a different perspective on food – mostly there is an underlying story connected to his series.. In the years he developed a signature style for his personal work, utilising dramatic lighting, minimal sets and an unsaturated colour palette, what gives his images a very aesthetic, painterly, appearance.