Bronze 2022 / Fine Art / Nudes


  • Photographer
    Andres Montoya Arango
  • Agency / Studio
    Club fotografico de Medellin
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Nudes

Medellin women than above the paradigms and signs. of a society that sees the naked with fear, they come together powerfully to utter a cry of freedom and love, they are powerful goddesses who, through the collective, value a sublime singularity.

Photographer, lawyer, writer and poet. Commercially dedicated to wedding photography, architecture and personal documentary projects as an independent. photography changed the way I feel and be. I value the present and to observe is a privilege. my artistic project is the garden of delights, it talks about self-love and freedom expressed through the nude.If I had been born a woman, I would be called Helena I explore the feminine because I feel a connection with that power from the relationship I have with my mother, with my wife. I feel that many things have to be rescued about those goddesses