Gold 2022 / Fine Art / Collage


  • Photographer
    Yuri Pritisk
  • Agency / Studio
    Yuri Pritisk
  • Prizes
    Gold in Fine Art/Collage

Since the 1970s, the average temperature in the Arctic has increased by about 2.3 °C. Earlier spring, less cold winters, extensive ice melting and destructive actions of civilization cause large-scale behavioral changes in animals of the Far North. The continuing rise in temperature, oil production, shipping and other human activities every year puts more and more animals on the brink of extinction. According to many climate models, ice in the Arctic may disappear by 2050 in summer, and with it more than 70% animals may disappear, and most of the territory will become unusable for them.

Member of the Union of Photographers of Russia, Ambassador of Marumi Optical, bright modern photographer, teacher with experience in the largest photography schools in the world and the Russian Federation, presenter of master classes and winner of more than 100 prestigious competitions. He explores and combines such areas as psychological portrait and landscape, genre and art photography. Often, when shooting, home-made and professional optical filters are used, and original developments, unique photography techniques and a special approach to implementation are passed on to students.