Bronze 2022 / Fine Art / Abstract

Urban Cathedrals

  • Photographer
    Anna Rosati
  • Agency / Studio
    Anna Rosati Photographer
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Abstract

Urban Cathedrals investigates a reality outlined by the city space, a ‘non’ metaphorical place in which elements with an identity so defined as to be translated into conceptual topoi are contained; and as such capable of being rethought, transformed, repeated, while maintaining its own value of uniqueness and - rather -showing the infinite possibilities of an emblematic change. Acting according to the dictates of a 'sentimental education to the image', perspectives and visions merge by affection, which becomes 'invention' in the epiphanic instant of a new make, of visual regeneration.

Born in Bologna, where she lives and works, she has a degree in cinematography; she is a photographer, visual artist and graphic designer. You travel to Europe, Latin America, Asia, the United States, documenting important International Cooperation projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Guatemala and Morocco, which will be followed by numerous solo exhibitions in prestigious locations. Numerous reports of her published in excellent magazines. You have increasingly developed a careful and passionate research aimed at anthropological, social and conceptual themes.