Gold 2022 / Fine Art / Abstract


  • Photographer
    Mariana Corcuera Corcuera
  • Agency / Studio
    Mariana Corcuera
  • Prizes
    Gold in Fine Art/Abstract

I took this pictures in the Galapagos Islands, it talks about the uniqueness of every single being in nature, how they transform themselves depending on their needs of adaptation and survival, how they change colors during mating seasons, or to camouflage from predators. For me, the ways of nature are magical, I find them out of this world, and that's why I found the combination of documentary photography, and a sort of manipulation that makes them look like a science fiction image, so wonderful.

I'm a Mexican photographer specialize in fine art photography. The exhibitions I have had to show my work have been the next: 2009, with Patricia Conde Gallery, the next 2 in independent galleries in Mexico City, afterwards a collective show with 3 other photographers, in 2013, in Mexicos' Bolsa Mexicana de Valores. In 2018 I had a solo exhibition at "Almanaque fotográfica" with my series "project room: flores", In 2019 I had a collective exhibition with the work "Luscious", with Stuart Stanford and Federico Fernandez also in "Almanaque fotográfica".