Silver 2022 / Fine Art / Abstract

A Horses Head

  • Photographer
    Kimo Williams
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Silver in Fine Art/Abstract

While visiting the Sandwich Fair in Illinois, I took a photo of a horse in a barn. I have always loved the way the light enhanced the veins. Utilizing Photoshop software, I manipulated the image to create this abstract version.

In 1970 I began my fascination with capturing images that reflect my life experiences and observations. I looked inward and began what became a life-long journey of self-discovery through the creative arts. As a photographer taking pictures was and is a means for me to hold visual moments in time so I might absorb and experience them a little longer. Photography provides me a distinct voice for self-reflection, social commentary, and cultural engagement. I opened a studio and photo gallery, KimoPics, in Shepherdstown WV in 2018.