Gold 2022 / Fine Art / Other

The Horde

  • Prizes
    Gold in Fine Art/Other
  • Photographer
    Yvon Jolivet

This photograph was captured in the field in eastern Quebec (Canada). Buffalo breeding is not common in this region. This buffalo run was seen when the animals escaped from their enclosure.

Since 2016, my photographic approach has tended to highlight the natural environment by the symbolism that emerges from it. This allows me to bring a new meaning to the forms and the natural rhythm which govern our environment. Breaking up spaces and time and re-nesting them one inside the other to create a new world. My approach to images is often akin to ideograms whose purpose is to represent the meaning of a word or an idea (concrete or abstract). Since 2016, I won more than 35 international Awards including the silver medal in Fine Arts at the PX3 (Prix de la photographie de Paris).