Silver 2022 / Editorial / Photo Essay

Traces of 50 Years of Lada

  • Photographer
    Sandra Hazenberg
  • Agency / Studio
    Sandra Hazenberg Photography
  • Prizes
    Silver in Editorial/Photo Essay

Once the Lada car brand, the result of the communist Soviet past and symbol of an era, was very successful. 50 years ago the first Lada left the factory in Togliatti, a city deep in the Soviet Union. Since then, 30 million copies of this iconic brand have been produced, world-wide the third most produced car. But after the fall of the communism Lada sales collapsed. Does Lada still exist? I have investigated the story of Lada. In rural Russian areas Lada’s are still an important means of transport. The French Revolution, Renault is the new co-owner of the factory, gives hope for a new future.

It has turned out to be inevitable: I am a photographer and I make images. For me photography is all about the art of storytelling and to make visible what I believe is worth seeing. With my pictures I try to document how people live in relation to the advancing time and how people and the environment struggle in the context of the rapidly changing society. Photography is my tool to express my commitment to society. I enjoy to be active in various fields of photography in order to fully develop myself as a photographer. Commercially I work for various corporates (portraits and events).