Silver 2022 / Editorial / Conflict

Black Lives Matter #3

  • Photographer
    Allan Mestel
  • Agency / Studio
    Allan Mestel Photography
  • Prizes
    Silver in Editorial/Conflict

We live in unique and dangerous times. We are witnessing the descent of the United Sates into a neo-fascist, xenophobic parody of the nation envisioned by transformational activists of past decades. For the past several years I have captured images of grassroots activism in racial and social justice, immigrant rights, women's rights and other progressive causes. The images presented here are composited from my work photographing Black Lives Matter street activism

Allan Mestel is a portrait photographer and photojournalist based in Sarasota, Florida. Allan;s work has been exhibited across the US as well as Europe and the United Kingdom. He has dedicated thousands of hours shooting for human rights and social justice organizations and non-profits. His work photographing migrants on both sides of the US-Mexico border has been recognized in exhibitions and publications. These include images from migrant encampment in Matamoros, Mexico (the Human Rights Art Exhibit in California), and Haitian migrants in Del Rio, Texas (published in the New York Times).