Bronze 2022 / Book / Documentary

Churches of Kerala

  • Photographer
    Cristian Castelnuovo
  • Agency / Studio
    Cristian Castelnuovo
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Book/Documentary

Churches of Kerala a fascinating photographic essay by Cristian Castelnuovo exploring the mysterious world of Churches of Kerala is a fascinating photographic essay and travelogue exploring the mysterious world of Christianity in the southern Indian state of Kerala. In the images the thought-provoking in its conjuring up an environment rich in contradictions and mystery. At the heart of the project a uniqueness amazement and bewilderment a viewer can experience at seeing images of apparently Christian Orthodox rituals in an obviously South Asian context. Such visual displacement lies at the ve

Cristian Castelnuovo born in 1977, is a professional photographer. He graduated with an MA in Photographic Arts at Westminster University in London and has undertaken photographic works worldwide in the fields of art, fashion, politics and architecture.