Silver 2022 / Book / Documentary

Where Distance Kept Is Love’s Measure

  • Photographer
    Daniel Lane
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Silver in Book/Documentary

It was difficult to see, at the beginning. Difficult to see the shape of this thing, though it was pictured as a kind of crown. Difficult to see our family, our friends, as almost overnight, doors slammed and stayed shut. Difficult to see when, or if, it might end. Slowly, and then quickly, people started to navigate a route through the fog of pandemic. At least the lucky ones did. As though in direct correlation to the devastating number of deaths, people started to reach towards life. On his own pandemic walks around the city, Daniel Lane was moved to capture evidence of these gestures.

With 20 years industry experience and having previously shot photo stories in the Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, Cuba, Laos, Madagascar, I have been turning my eye towards London for the past year. I studied MA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography at the University of Westminster in 2011, passing with Distinction.