Bronze 2022 / Book / Documentary

Across The Bridge

  • Photographer
    Simon Johansson
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Book/Documentary

”Across the Bridge” is about everyday life on the Swedish island Öland. I examine, based on the belief that the private is universal, the universal driving force to be significant to others. It means a lot to us to be a part of a larger context. We want to feel that we play an important role for others, for a group, that we belong to a family. It may be enough that we feel seen by a single person. If that feeling, that context, is removed from us, we lose meaning and lose momentum in life. I portray this through a private emotional trauma. The book is published by Journal (2016).

I’m a photographer and journalist. In 2016 came my first photobook “Across the Bridge” (Journal) about everyday life on a Swedish island. My second photobook, “A Familiar Place” (Journal, 2018), is about everyday life in Stockholm. In 2019 “The Young Ones” (Journal) was released. It's about children and their worlds. "Across the Bridge" was awarded with 2nd Place in the Book category and Gold in the book/documentary category at the 2021 PX3. “The Young Ones” was awarded 2nd Place in the Book category at the 2020 BIFA and also awarded Silver in the book/documentary category at the 2020 PX3.