Bronze 2022 / Book / Documentary

2020 Unmasked

  • Photographer
    Robin Fader
  • Agency / Studio
    2020 UNMASKED
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Book/Documentary

We are three photographers who have been documenting the impact of 2020's historic events: Susan Baggett in Boston, Robin Fader in Washington, DC, and Victor Mirontschuk in New York City. What began as a project to capture the impact of the pandemic grew to include protests over racial and social injustice, police reform and the election of a new president. 2020 UNMASKED is dedicated to Statement Arts, a non-profit organization based in New York City bringing the arts to students from under-resourced communities helping them prepare for college.

2020 UNMASKED is a stunning photographic, 350 page journey and collection of photographs to be viewed for generations to come - an enduring visual record. At times raw, powerful, beautiful, dignified and quiet, 2020 UNMASKED features photographs and personal reflections from a cross-section of individuals, from Washington, DC, Boston and NYC. From three cities and three different perspectives, the intent is that 2020 UNMASKED is a retrospective that lifts the veil on times and places not easily seen, with a view that is rare and remarkable.