Bronze 2022 / Book / Fine Art

Souvenirs of Sleep

  • Photographer
    Ling Ang
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Book/Fine Art

First and foremost a filmmaker, Ang has been capturing her dreams through written records across the span of three years. In an endeavour to visualise her lucid subconscious, Ang combines the prose-like written records with photos she documented in that time. Familiar landmarks turn into the locations of a sci-fi fantasy. Recurring themes revolve around her childhood, hedonism and mortality. Through explorations of the weird, the audience is invited into a private world of universal vulnerabilities. An endeavour to understand the symbolism lurking under the surface of the psyche.

Ling Ang is a visual artist with a decade of productions and showcases spanning across the UK, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, the US and Australia.