Silver 2022 / Book / Nature

Falklands Penguins

  • Photographer
    Dorota Senechal
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Silver in Book/Nature

Falkland Islands are one of the last untouched natural wonders of our Planet. Not only Penguins are fascinating creatures, they are also beautiful seabirds. This book will take you deep into penguin’s lives, from the enigmatic Magellanic, to the stylish King, the hyperactive Rockhopper, the elusive Macaroni, and the timid Gentoo. Through the pages, you will see astonishing birds as you probably never knew them before.

Polish-American, living now in France, multi-awarded in different international photography contests. Professionnal wildlife photographer and great traveler, I am travelling all over the world with my husband, trying to capture the wonders and the beauties, but also the fragility of our Planet. In nature, and specially in arctic and cold places, this is where I like to be, and this is where I can express my creativity. Each reportage is always beginning by a careful preparation and study of the species to photograph, their behaviors and places to explore. This is when the dream begins ...