Gold 2022 / Book / Nature

Puffin Dream

  • Photographer
    Laurent Echenoz
  • Agency / Studio
    Laurent Echenoz Photography
  • Prizes
    Gold in Book/Nature

« Puffin dream » goes far beyond the photographic book complemented with narratives. First and foremost it is the timeless and unprecedented human covenant between a naturalist photographer and prominent scientists. This work of art highlights all the research works carried out in the colonies around the world and reveals itself as a tribute to the men and women who are devoting their lives to the species. More than six years of field survey and three years of writing were dedicated to the successful completion of the project.

Laurent Echenoz was born on the shores of the river Doubs and grew up in a peaceful village, near a forest in the Franche-Comté region. Very early, his permanent immersion in such an unspoilt nature developped his skills for the listening and observation of wildlife. As a naturalist and pioneering photographer, Laurent first learned a lot of photographic techniques with the best artists. Then, he created his own style, playing with the originality of light, of framing and of the pause time. Each picture comes to life after many hours spent waiting for the very moment. Lautent’s photography