Bronze 2022 / Architecture / Buildings

Harmony of Light Reflected In Architecture

  • Photographer
    Soung Won Park
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Architecture/Buildings

City robe light creates a variety of colors and harmonizes. The light reflected on the ultra-modern architecture communicates with each other and makes the moment beautiful. The photographer is instantly ecstatic.

To whom it may concern I am requesting the opp difficult for a foreigner to receive acknowledgement of our work in this field. I am writing to you because ortunity to share my work through your newspaper. America is a very diverse country, but it is very; I would like your professional feedback and real opinion of my work, with the possibility of showcasing my digitally enhanced photographs in your newspaper. DESCRIPTION OF MY PHOTO ARTWORK A lot of artists in this field use a single camera to capture the subject matter, such as architecture, culture, nature, humanity, and then, a differ