Silver 2022 / Advertising / Travel/Tourism

Pyramid of Today, Portrait of A Vanishing Town

  • Photographer
    Danielle Celie
  • Agency / Studio
    Danielle Celie Photography
  • Prizes
    Silver in Advertising/Travel/Tourism

Pyramiden,a Russian mining town at the North pole,was once a prosperous city. Everybody who signed in to work in the mine,also signed in to do something for society.Coal mining is a difficult process in the high Arctic,so the mine closed in 1998 and the city was left behind as if it had been abandoned in haste. Currently, the abandoned city attracts many tourists every day who book a day trip by boat from the capital Longyearbyen.In the deserted city they receive a tour from one of the guides who take care of the management of Pyramiden. The series reflect an echo of voices, frozen in time

The amazement and interest in historical events is an inspiration for Daniƫlle Celie for making visual stories. The images she creates provide a quiet moment. For her projects she travels to remote, sometimes extreme, areas where scars are visible in the landscape as a result of human activity. For Pyramid of today, portrait of a vanishing town and First Oil Adventure she traveled to the cold Spitsbergen, for Sperrgebiet to the extremely warm, devastating desert in Namibia, which can only be entered with permits and accompanied. With this series she achieved 3rd place at the IPA awards.