Silver 2022 / Advertising / Product

The Chair "Fauteuil Crafted"

  • Photographer
    Thom Trauner
  • Agency / Studio
    Thom Trauner
  • Prizes
    Silver in Advertising/Product

Photo from the chair "Fauteuil Crafted" for the company Trewit.

Thom Trauner was born in the sixties in Wels, Upper Austria. In 1979 he started an apprenticeship as a lithographer and worked in the printing industry and as a graphic designer. In the early seventies his father gave him his first camera. He was fascinated by the moment when a picture is created in the darkroom, a picture that previously existed only in memory. He is a enthusiastic portrait and wedding photographer for several years now and have been awarded with the national prize for professional photographers. Since twenty years he lives with his wife Ute in the beautiful Salzkammergut.