Gold 2022 / Science / Medicine (Non-Pro)

Pandemic Perspectives: Emergency Medical Service

  • Photographer
    Matteo Busetto
  • Prizes
    Gold in Science/Medicine

How the pandemic has affected the daily life of workers of the Emergency Medical Services. 1-A nurse outside the COVID-area of ER 2-Nurse helped by a colleague to put on correctly PPE 2-PPE is worn: ready to enter the patient's home 3-An anonymous portrait representing all healthcare workers 4-Transferring a deteriorating patient by helicopter: he wonder whether his journey will have return 5-a patient is transferred from ER to ICU 6-A moment of discouragement for a nurse of the Operations Center 7-A doctor plays with a child, left alone with hospital staff because his mother is in isolation

I'm a medical doctor working in the Emergency Service. I discovered photography recently but it has become a second job for me, to which I dedicate myself with great passion, by studying, attending courses and doing a lot of practice. First of all I would like to use photography to document through images how my work is done in Italy and in the rest of the world, for example in the most hostile environments. Moreover, I would like to use photography to explore a little more the world around me, even in aspects not related to healthcare: my main interests include social and cultural issues.