Bronze 2022 / Portfolio / Advertising (Non-Pro)

Ones Follow Buddha'S Teaching

  • Photographer
    Ngoc Vân (Helena Vân) Nguyen
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Portfolio/Advertising

The beauty of mind for those follows the Theravada Buddhism, most of precept is maintained as its original, It is the duty of a monk is study and practice like the Buddha's path to enlightenment. The only way to enlightenment is meditation. Especially, Monks go alms round for keep alive, each day only eating food twice time, Youngers and olders respectfully wait for the monks to pass by to pay respects or to put the food to the bowls. The novice monks learn sutta from young, the lay people often go to monastery to meditative and pray.

My name is Nguyen Ngoc Van, people call me by name: Helena Vân I grew up in Hanoi the capital of Vietnam, now I live in Da Nang the worth city of Vietnam. I believe that life is not a race; it is a journey that we can enjoy every step to explore. And happiness is not a feeling when you reach the destination, but every round of the way. Because life is a journey, I go to find myself in the midst of life, between people, between loves. And I name it: PHOTOGRAPHY - touch it to feel and love.