Bronze 2022 / People / Life Style (Non-Pro)

Soft and Strong

  • Photographer
    Jing Lin
  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Life Style

In the word of “ Hatha” “ ha” means sun, “tha” means moon, Hatha means men and women, day and night ,cold and warm, soft and strong , and any other opposites but related to keep the balance words. In the picture, Gray is cold , while the yellow is warm tone in the picture, And the girl in white dress, to keep the balance of gray and yellow, to give you the feeling of soft and strong at same time.

Lin Jing is a photographer from Shanghai. He has practiced photography for 5 years. He mainly shoots cityscapes, landscapes, architecture and portraits. For Lin, Shanghai represents his youthful memories, his days as a student, his hopes and dreams. Photography is his way of capturing the beauty he finds in this world.