Bronze 2022 / Nature / Wildlife (Non-Pro)

Our Neighbor The Great Blue Heron

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    Bronze in Nature/Wildlife

As we steadily meandered along the shore early that spring morning, there was not a sight or sound to find. Slowly, we began to decipher the shape of our elegant friend through the dense fog and soft mist. The water surface was so calm it gave the perfect illusion of glass. There was an effortless stillness, so powerful, so overwhelming; it was a presence in and of itself. We watched from afar, respecting our graceful friend’s morning rituals amongst the rocky shore with admiration. Our beings were overflowing—revitalized and rejuvenated by the simple presence of the natural world.

Vemwell exists to share the inherent stories of the natural world and humanity in their most organic forms, revealing the oneness of life on earth. Composed of two artists working as one, Ashley and Zachary Vemwell. Shortly after discovering their connection, they founded their name on their values of empathy, honesty, and mindfulness. Guided by their practices of spirituality, holistic wellness, and minimalism, their true purpose in life is to inspire the pursuit of sound mind, body, and soul, conservation of the natural world, and awareness of this shared oneness through tangible fine art.