Silver 2022 / Nature / Wildlife (Non-Pro)

Connecting With Love

  • Photographer
    Barbara Fleming
  • Agency / Studio
    Barbara Fleming Photography
  • Prizes
    Silver in Nature/Wildlife

Always touching the young elephant uses his small trunk, much like a tiny hand, to find comfort in his mother. The iucn redlist has categorized the African savanna elephant as endangered, with population trends decreasing.

Barbara Fleming is an international award winning wildlife photographer who has traveled throughout Africa over the last 18 years, searching and photographing endangered species to include the African wild dog and cheetah and lion. More recently she has traveled to India in search of the Bengal tiger, Nepal to look for the one-horned rhinoceros and Brazil to photograph the jaguar. Barbara is always searching for and trying to photograph animals that are remote, hoping to share her experiences through the visual world with those who may not have a chance to see for themselves.