Bronze 2022 / Nature / Flowers (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Loredana De Sole
  • Agency / Studio
    Loredana De Sole
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Flowers

I distort the nature of the flower by enhancing its characteristics that conjure images of alternative worlds to ours, and at the same time celebrating the fundamental role that these hidden details have for the continuity of the species. The pollination process that transfers pollen from the anthers of a flower to the stigma of another, carries this substance from the male to the female part of the flower. This is essential for the reproduction of plants and for the survival of many species on earth, including humans. This is absolute magic.

I am a nature photographer who is curious and open to different methods and techniques of expression. Much like the Impressionists did with their en plein air technique, I aim to visualize the image that I have in my head, using only the camera and as little post-production work as possible. I shoot mainly by choosing subjects encountered during my excursions around the world, using techniques such as creative blurring, multiple in-camera exposures and the Orton effect. Murakami's surreal oneiric distorts the vision of reality - "...and it is that you, coming out of that wind will not be the s