Bronze 2022 / Fine Art / Collage (Non-Pro)

The Doubt

  • Photographer
    Ulla Czekus
  • Agency / Studio
    Ulla Studio
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Collage

I sort through my family's albums. From there, my grandmother Analia shines more intensely. She dedicated her life to her husband, with no time or affection left for others. Searching for her, I found us. I was still a baby and I was in her lap. I look at the image and try to understand what it tells me. Was this lap a space for affection or just a place to pose for the photo? I was, there, too small to understand the sensations. And today, I am here, as if pierced by this doubt. I recompose, deconstruct, recreate life through the force of the doubt of this memory that I do not want to forget.

From her mother she inherited the pleasure and fascination for the cultivation of plants. Influenced by her father – an amateur photographer who loved to produce images of family moments -, since childhood, she grew close to the visuality of photography. As an adult, she combined these two actions to reflect on the transformation of life itself. She explores, in her works, not only studio images of the universe of botany, but also a conversation between the indelible characteristic of time and the impermanence of human life - identical to the leaves, frufruits, and seeds she photographs.