Silver 2022 / Fine Art / Other (Non-Pro)

Beyond The Lens

  • Photographer
    Christian Basetti
  • Prizes
    Silver in Fine Art/Other

As an Italian photographer of abandoned places, I always take a greater interest in ancient Italian beauties and often find frescoes that completely fill walls and ceilings. In these cases I find myself facing technical challenges to include all the elements and make the viewer identify with the depth of the scene. Wide angles have limitations and shooting with backs against the wall is often not enough to include in the composition elements of ceilings and sides. In these shots I raised the bar of difficulty to convey beauty in all its wideness, maintaining my Caravaggesque pictorial style.

Christian Basetti from Milan. Since 2015, he has been passionate about ancient decadent places, giving voice to these structures full of melancholy charm as if they were silent narcissistic creatures waiting for someone to express their greatness. Creator of Forgotten Art-chitectures project, decayed places are not shot just with an usual limited documentary aspect, as many others do, but they are like fine art canvas aimed at aesthetics. Inspired by Caravaggio's style in the representation of environments, with a similitude prostitutes and beggars=decadent places turned in something nobler.