Bronze 2022 / Editorial / General News (Non-Pro)

How Hospitals Reacted to The Pandemic

  • Photographer
    Joaquim Garrido
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Editorial/General News

These images speaks for themselves. We can see a Covid nurse, dressed accordingly from head to toe, performing a swab test on a child, who is sat on the back part of the car while the parents, on the front seat, wait for their time to get tested. These tests were performed on the Hospital da Luz of Póvoa de Varzim parking lot. These images have subliminal meanings. The nurse can see her reflection while doing the swab, which in a way can be interpreted as a retrospection of her own life, as she is doing these tests and therefore, risking her own life and well-being to help others. The tests we

Has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology accredited by the Lusíadas de Vila Nova de Famalicão University, it is currently completing a bachelor’s degree in Photography at the School of Media Arts and Design of Porto (ESMAD). Has been working as a freelancer photojournalist for the newspaper “Terras do Ave” since 2020. Has a passion for challenges. The importance of photography in my life is a necessity, a passion that inspires emotions, it awakens my curiosity, it walks hand in hand with my willingness to learn new things and personal growth. Photo