Bronze 2022 / Book / Fine Art (Non-Pro)

That Sky Book

  • Photographer
    Michele Molinari
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Book/Fine Art

Michele Molinari lived for a few years in Recoleta, an aristocratic neighborhood that still keeps something of the old Frenchified past that the upper bourgeoisie treasured. And from there, from a permanent window and a fixed camera, he could assess the two qualities of the Buenos Aires sky: first, its fidelity and permanence — there are cities that make their skies disappear by vertigo and inclemency — and then, its absolute variety, resistant to all attempts of uniformity and custom. The great porteño sky is always there and is always different. - Ivonne Bordelois

Michele Molinari is a visual artist, writer, photographer and journalist. Born in Mantua, Italy. Based in Milan, he works for several years as freelance journalist and photographer for the biggest Italian life style and travel magazines. He lately moves to New York City (1997-2005). From the US he corresponds for the Italian press. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, (2005-2012) he mainly works on visual art and photography. More of his photos can be seen on EyeEm and Flickr. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram as @micmol and