Silver 2021 / Portfolio / Personal

Coronavirus Therapy

  • Photographer
    Paolo Quadrini
  • Agency / Studio
    Paolo Quadrini
  • Prizes
    Silver in Portfolio/Personal

On March 11th, 2020 the Italian government prohibited all movements of people within the national territory. I spent 82 days at home on lockdown. I live alone and every day was uncertain. After savoring weeks of solitude and contemplation, I felt vulnerable and inconsistent, looking for a new prospective. I was not sure what next day would hold and what news to brace for next, but my home, the finite space where I was confined, was withholding all what I was. I chose to navigate this uncharted territory exploring the deepest, truthful side of me, the one that just wants to exist.

Paolo Quadrini is a photojournalist and set photographer, originally from sunny and eternal Rome, Italy. He is an ICP alumnus and a regular and proud contributor to Shoot4Change, a non-profit organization that focuses on humanitarian reportage.