Gold 2021 / People / Life Style

We'Ll Be Okay

  • Photographer
    Gajan Balan
  • Agency / Studio
    Bokeh Blink
  • Prizes
    Gold in People/Life Style

“This is a striking image of immense hardship and, as the photographer says, of resilience. On a human level it is incredibly poignant; formally, the colour palette, rooftop angles and the tension between the still, sleeping body and birds circling overhead combine to powerful effect.” – Emma Lewis, Tate Modern’s Curator of International Art and Photography

I’m an award-winning photographer and creator that has built a career on the idea of creativity shared. My goal is to empower others to create and find fulfillment through that process. Our content garners over 1M impressions and 500,000 minutes watched per month, was featured in Vogue, GQ and Rolling Stone India editions, as well as earn gallery spots in London, Paris, and Milan for 2021. Quite simply, I look to travel the world and tell compelling stories.