Silver 2021 / People / Life Style

Scènes De Vie D'Une Plage À Zanzibar... / Life Scenes From A Beach In Zanzibar ...

  • Prizes
    Silver in People/Life Style
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  • Photographer
    Steve Rych (Stéphane Chery)

Life scenes from a beach in Zanzibar ... Here the beach is a place of work, seaweed cultivation, a port, a playground, a resource for a meagre pittance, a link ... In short, a seaside village as in the West, except that there are no streets, sidewalks, buildings, streetlights ... By observing this activity and the particularity of the place from where a beauty so exceptional emanated, I opted for a photographic realization closer to the pictorial art.

Auteur Photographe depuis 1986 et basé en France. Autre Patronyme: Steve RYCH - L. STERY