Gold 2021 / People / Culture

Mincéirs (Irish Travellers)

  • Prizes
    Gold in People/Culture
  • Company
    Joseph-Philippe Bevillard
  • Photographer
    Joseph-Philippe Bevillard

In March 2017, after 25 years of campaigning, Irish Travellers group have been formally recognised as an ethnic group. Today, they are still facing racism, discrimination, hardship by society and high suicide rates. Travellers are very proud of their culture. I want to represent these people through my photographs. My goal is to continue to work with these families as well as other members that I encounter, and perhaps let the settled people have more understanding of their unique culture.

Born in Boston, Joseph-Philippe started drawing and painting after he lost his hearing at the age of 3. He took up photography during his senior year at a private school in Massachusetts. In 1985, he enrolled at the Rochester Institute of Technology to study photography where he remained there for 2 years before changing direction in career due to financial circumstances. In 1990 he return to photography to study at the Art Institute of Boston. In 2000, he emigrated to Ireland. Since 2010, he has been photographing the Irish Travellers which he hope will be his life-time project.