Bronze 2021 / People / Self-Portrait

Nature Unmasked

  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Self-Portrait
  • Company
    Laura Antonia Photography
  • Photographer
    Laura Abbott

Nature Unmasked is a series of self-portraits created during lockdown, inspired by the 2020 pandemic and the positive impact it could be having on the environment. The images “Butterfly”, “Bird” and “Bee” represent critical elements in the circle of life as pollinators and spreaders of seeds. Humanity has suffered, been locked down and masked to protect one another but butterflies, birds and bees have been given room to breathe unimpeded by the normal levels of human activity and pollution. The environment is something I am particularly passionate about.

Laura Antonia Abbott is a Singapore based Fine Art Photographer from the UK. Laura studied at the Chelsea College of Art & Design, London and Nottingham Trent University. Her experiences growing up living in 5 continents gave her an early appreciation for diverse cultures, people and a love for the beauty of the natural world. These elements have helped to frame her passion for creating unique portraits. Laura’s work is rich in symbolism. Metaphorically laced, surrealist dreamscapes emerge from actuality, influenced by personal encounters, and her own poetic observations of the world.