Bronze 2021 / Nature / Sunset

Portal Beckon

  • Photographer
    Ian Ely
  • Agency / Studio
    Ian Ely Gallery
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Architecture/Bridges, Bronze in Nature/Sunset

A beautiful capture as the sun broke through the clouds after raining all day, creating this welcoming feeling of wanting to just walk into the sunset. 1000's of shots throughout the years and it all led to this moment.

FROM A CHILDHOOD fascination with the medium of photography to achieving the reputation of one of the most respected landscape photographers in the industry, Ian Ely has been in pursuit of Mother Nature his entire life. Sometimes he gets the shot, sometimes he falls short, but the one constant in this driven photographer’s life is the motivation and spirit to keep moving forward. Never a man content to coast on the strength of his own accomplishments, Ely’s intention is to open 20 galleries over the next decade, located in strategic sites throughout the United States.